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5 Secrets of Becoming a Better Cyclist

5 Secrets of Becoming a Better Cyclist

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5 Secrets of Becoming a Better Cyclist
We all want to become better at cycling, don’t we? But the journey doesn’t need to be a self torture. Cycling is fun and you need to enjoy every mile on the bike.
Do you want to take your cycling to the next level? If your answer is “Yes!” we are happy to hear it. All you need to do is to set some goals and plan your riding for a desirable improvement.
Change is not as hard to achieve as it may look in the beginning. We are here to help you get as much enjoyment of this process as possible. That is why we are providing you with these few simple pieces of advice. With them your time on the bike will be spent better than ever.
Set goals
Do you know what the best thing about cycling is? – The more you put, the more you get.  So, there shouldn’t be a limit for your goals.
First of all, you need to know what you really want. It doesn’t matter if it’s to speed your commute, completing a 50-mile summer ride or even taking part in a race.
Without goals you are just floating along. You can be of any kind. Thinking everyday about achieving them can take your whole cycling to a next level.
The stepping stones
When you already have figured out what are you aiming for, it’s time to make things easier. Taking your “big plan” into smaller stepping stones or also known as “process goals” is a very smart move. Having them in place will ensure you are moving in the right direction.
Update your average speed
A simple step like taking your average speed with 1 mph more can be an important change. This will help you become a better rider. And as such one, you need to be efficient, too. Knowing how to carry speed will make you faster and conserve more energy. 
Also be careful with cornering. This is where most cyclists lose a lot of their speed. It is not about how you enter a corner. What counts is the speed you carry through it.
 Another problem might be caused by descending, especially before a hill. If there is an uphill after a descent, make sure it is safe, then use your momentum and pedal into it. This way you will find yourself on the other side of the hill with barely any effort.
Ride in comfort
Riders often suffer from aches and pains. However, there is a lot you can do to avoid such things.
A good start is to have your bike professionally fit. Your bike needs to fit you mechanically. Make sure you have comfortable and light riding equipment.
Having a good stretching routine after and between rides can be crucial, too. Some core exercises and stretches can help you avoid many injuries.
Ride with friends
Cycling is fun. And we all know sports are even more enjoyable with friends. Is there anything better than chatting with friends while on the road?
Time flies when you are with happy cycling buddies. They challenge and motivate you to climb that big hill with them. And with the blink of an eye you are up there with a smile, and maybe a little push on the back.
Riding with more advanced friends is also a good idea. They can give you advice and will challenge you. This way you will try to keep up with them and become better.
To sum up, just set a plan and challenge yourself with new and harder rides. This will help you become a better cyclist than ever. Don’t forget to enjoy every ride!

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